Heading Back to School with Braces and Confidence

While the summer fun isn’t over quite yet, it is time to start thinking about getting back into the routine of the school year. If you have pre-teens or teenagers, or if you are a college student getting ready to head back for another year, it can be a bit nerve wracking thinking about going back to school with braces. Luckily, you have plenty of reasons to feel confident about walking through your school doors while your going through orthodontic treatment. 

Getting Past the Nerves

Many people in school highly value the views of their peers, with many going to great lengths to gain approval. While many kids think having braces will be embarrassing, the fact of the matter is having braces isn’t viewed the way it used to be. In the old days, braces weren’t nearly as common and kids that had to get braces were often stuck with very bulky metal braces. Today, braces are much more common and far more subtle than they used to be, and you rarely hear kids bullying others because of their braces. 

In fact, modern options for orthodontic treatment can even make you feel excited to head back to school and show off your smile before your treatment is even over. When you visit Austin Orthodontics for your free consultation, be sure to ask about these fun options for braces. 


Many tweens and teens go into their treatment with braces thinking they are simply going to have to tolerate them. However, your kids can find ways to have fun with their braces, and the options available with WildSmiles are proof of that. These fun braces work just as well as traditional braces but come in a wide variety of stylish shapes, including sports balls, diamonds, and stars. Your kids can mix and match their favorite designs when they get adjustments for different events or if they just feel like switching things up. 

Colored Bands

Each set of braces comes with elastic bands called ligatures, which connect the different parts of your braces together. Your kids can choose bright colors for their ligatures based on their favorite colors, teams, or for different seasons. There are even glow-in-the-dark bands available for a spooky addition to any Halloween costume. 

Subtle Treatment Options

There are plenty of options to choose from that make orthodontic treatment less visible. Ceramic braces work the same way as traditional metal braces, but have tooth-colored, medical-grade ceramic brackets instead of metal brackets. This makes these braces much harder to see throughout the course of the treatment. 

Invisalign is hands down the most discreet treatment option thanks to aligners that are completely clear. The additional advantage to this treatment option is the aligners are also removable for limited hours during the day, allowing for removal during meals or sporting events. 

Contact Austin Orthodontics today to learn more about treatment options that are perfect for going back to school!