What to Expect When Your Braces are Adjusted

By Austin Orthodontics | September 24, 2019

Having a bunch of metal in your mouth may already seem intimidating. If so, you’re likely wondering what to expect when your braces need to be adjusted. Your first follow-up appointment will probably happen after the first couple of months of treatment, and we think it helps to know ahead of time what to expect Read More

Which Is Best, Permanent or Removable Retainers?

By Austin Orthodontics | September 13, 2019

Patients are always excited to reach the “finish line” of their orthodontic treatment when they get their braces off, but this isn’t exactly the end of the treatment process. While this fact is often discouraging to patients who have been eagerly waiting for their braces to come off, wearing a retainer is a small price Read More

Why Adults Should Get Braces Too

By Austin Orthodontics | September 10, 2019

When you picture somebody wearing braces, the immediate image in your head is probably a pre-teen or teenager. While the majority of people who get orthodontic treatment fall into this age group, braces aren’t just reserved for the younger years. There are plenty of great reasons to consider getting braces or clear aligners as an Read More

The Best Ways to Keep Invisalign Aligners Clean

By Austin Orthodontics | August 27, 2019

Choosing an orthodontic treatment that is convenient for you has never been easier. When you visit Austin Orthodontics for your free consultation, you’ll get to hear all about the great treatment options we have available to make the time spent straightening your teeth easy and fun. The Invisalign Clear Aligner System is hands down the Read More

Austin Orthodontics Helps Kids Head Back to School

By Austin Orthodontics | August 20, 2019

Some kids are excited about going back to school to see their friends and teachers, while others aren’t ready to give up their summer freedom. Then there are those who feel unprepared because they aren’t able to afford school supplies. At Austin Orthodontics, we never want a child to feel ashamed because of their smile Read More

4 Things You Should Know After Your First Orthodontic Appointment

By Austin Orthodontics | August 20, 2019

You’ve spent your whole life without braces until now, so it only makes sense you would feel a little apprehensive about getting orthodontic treatment. You are likely wondering just how you feel with braces, what will be safe to eat, and how to best go about your daily routine with braces. Luckily, these questions will Read More

[Video] The Benefits of Maxillary Expansion

By Austin Orthodontics | August 15, 2019

In his most recent appearance on KXAN, Dr. Briggs talks about maxillary expansion, including the benefits of the procedure, how it works, and the best candidates for it. You can read the story here: Maxillary Expansion Benefits with Austin Orthodontics. Or watch the video here: To find out if you or your child could benefit Read More

Should You Have More than One Child in Braces at the Same Time?

By Austin Orthodontics | August 13, 2019

When you have kids, you’ll often find yourself juggling the different needs of each child while trying to meet your own at the same time. As you’ve watched your kids grow, you’ve likely been mentally preparing for when they will need to get braces to straighten their teeth. If you have more than one child, Read More

Heading Back to School with Braces and Confidence

By Austin Orthodontics | August 1, 2019

While the summer fun isn’t over quite yet, it is time to start thinking about getting back into the routine of the school year. If you have pre-teens or teenagers, or if you are a college student getting ready to head back for another year, it can be a bit nerve wracking thinking about going Read More

Why You Still Might Need Braces Even if Your Teeth Look Straight

By Austin Orthodontics | July 25, 2019

For people who are unhappy with their smile, getting braces makes sense. However, if you like the way your teeth look, you may not think you need braces. While this could be the case, there may also be issues that aren’t as noticeable when you look in the mirror. Unseen Crowding Even if you have Read More