Should You Have More than One Child in Braces at the Same Time?

When you have kids, you’ll often find yourself juggling the different needs of each child while trying to meet your own at the same time. As you’ve watched your kids grow, you’ve likely been mentally preparing for when they will need to get braces to straighten their teeth. If you have more than one child, the idea of having multiple kids in braces at the same time may sound a bit intimidating, but this actually has some benefits you should consider. 

You Can Schedule Appointments at the Same Time

The thing about having more than one kid with braces at once is you will have to go through the process fewer times, perhaps just once depending on how many kids you have and how you time their treatment. If you have multiple kids in braces, you can take care of their appointments at the same time, from when they get their consultation to when they get their braces off. Since each person’s treatment will be different, one may be in treatment longer than the other, but they will mostly be on the same schedule.

It Will Be Easier to Keep Track of Food Restrictions

When a patient has braces, there are certain things they should avoid eating so they don’t damage their braces or get food stuck in them that they can’t remove. Having one child who can eat anything and one who can’t can be tricky. If both of your kids have braces, neither one of them will be able to eat crunchy or sticky foods, so you can simply eliminate them from your grocery list. Once their treatments are over, you can go back to buying all of the foods you normally would and not have to worry about food limitations again. 

Your Kids Are Less Likely to Tease Each Other

If one child has braces and the other doesn’t, it can be a headache dealing with one sibling teasing the other. It can also cause added stress on your child during their treatment. If your kids have braces at the same time, it evens the score and they have no reason to tease each other. Plus, if they encounter any teasing from their peers, they can support each other since they know what the other is going through. 

You Have to Keep Track of Treatment Fewer Times

When your kids have braces, you will need to help them stay on track with their treatment plan. This includes making sure they are eating foods that are safe for their braces, but it also entails other factors. You’ll need to make sure they are keeping their elastics in and replacing them on time, avoiding rough play without a proper mouthguard, and keeping up with good oral hygiene. 

Multiple Family Member Discounts

Orthodontists understand treatment is an added expense and the thought of paying for two or more sets of braces can be daunting. To make braces more affordable for families, many orthodontists, including Austin Orthodontics, offer discounts to those who have more than one child in treatment at the same time. This discount also lessens the need for parents to decide who is going to get treatment first, which can be a hard decision to make.

If your kids are close in age and you manage to get them in braces at the same time, you can deal with the process once and save some money. Obviously if your kids are spread out in age or not ready for treatment at the same time, this won’t work, but if you have two or more that are ready for treatment, consider doing them both at once.

If you have any questions or concerns about orthodontic treatment for your kids, feel free to contact Austin Orthodontics today!