How Much Do Braces or Invisalign Cost?

When you are finished with your orthodontic treatment, you will have a beautiful smile that will boost you or your child’s confidence. Plus, the issues orthodontics address will make keeping you or your child’s teeth healthy far easier than before. These long-term benefits will be well worth the investment. However, you may still be wondering how much Invisalign and braces cost.

The Cost of Invisalign and Braces

The answer to this question isn’t so straightforward. Each patient is different and will require a specialized plan that is unique to them, so the actual price will depend on what corrections are needed and what your orthodontist prescribes.

If the corrections needed are minor, you can expect the overall price to be relatively low. But if more dramatic changes need to be made that require a lengthy treatment or surgery, this will affect the overall cost.

What you can expect from Austin Orthodontics are no surprises. To start out, we offer a free consultation and exam to go over concerns for your teeth or your kids’ teeth and to discuss possible treatment options. Once treatment begins, we offer convenient and reasonable payment plans. We discuss pricing estimates and look into any available insurance coverage when your plan is created to ensure your treatment will fit within your budget.

In-House Financing

We understand making life-long improvements to your smile is a significant investment, and we don’t expect you to pay for the whole treatment all at once. We offer interest-free monthly installments and affordable down payments, and monthly payments can be made in our office or through electronic transfers from your preferred bank account. By making your payments over time, the financial burden becomes far less stressful.

Dental Insurance

We also accept dental insurance plans that cover orthodontic treatment. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to find out exactly what is covered and what isn’t, or we can check for you if you bring your policy information to the initial exam. Your insurance could very well cover a large part of the cost, especially if it is for your child, making treatment far more affordable.


One significant saving available is for families with multiple people in treatment. We offer a courtesy for families that have multiple kids or parents who are in treatment to reduce the financial responsibility. We also show our appreciation to all military service members and their families by offering special rates for their orthodontic treatment.

To learn more about how to pay for braces and Invisalign and our available options, contact Austin Orthodontics today!