Do I Need Braces?

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about braces as a way of getting a better smile. While getting a better smile sounds fantastic, it is also a significant investment when it comes to your time, effort, and finances. So you may be wondering, “Do I need braces?”

A common misconception is that braces only serve the purpose of straightening your teeth, but there are plenty of reasons people get braces other than just fixing crookedness. When you complete your orthodontic treatment, your teeth will be optimally positioned to keep your smile both looking better than ever and healthy for as long as possible. Here are some signs braces could be right for you.

You Have Crooked Teeth

Starting with a rather obvious reason, braces are for you if you want to have a straight smile you are proud to show off. Crooked teeth are often pretty easy to see, making the results of a treatment with braces pretty dramatic. But what exactly is crookedness? Crowding is a major culprit of crooked teeth, causing teeth to appear jagged and stick out in awkward places. Excess gaps result in crookedness as well.

Crowding can also cause some teeth to stick out more, putting too much pressure on just one or two teeth when you bite down, and leading to wear. By fixing crowding, your bite can evenly put pressure on all of your teeth.

You Don’t Bite Down Correctly

Braces can also fix instances of misaligned bites. Normally, your upper jaw rests a little bit over your lower teeth, allowing the bottom of your lower teeth to still show. If your jaw sits too far forward and starts to perhaps even hit your lower gums, or if you can’t fully bite down without forcing your upper jaw forward, you could benefit from braces. Having a set of braces with elastic bands can fix instances of underbites and overbites, allowing your bite to feel smooth and natural.

Frequent Cavities

When teeth are crooked, it makes it far easier for food to get trapped in your mouth. This leads to decay over time, even if you keep up with recommended oral hygiene habits. Even if your smile looks perfectly straight, getting braces can be beneficial in spacing your teeth in a way that allows you to actually reach all parts of your teeth.

To really answer the question of whether or not you need braces, you should schedule your free consultation with our team of orthodontic specialists today. We can get a complete look at your teeth and find out if there are any issues you aren’t aware of. If you experience frequent jaw pain, tooth sensitivity, or can’t seem to bite or speak comfortably, these problems could be solved with braces. Schedule an appointment at Austin Orthodontics today!